Monday, March 10, 2014

The Well of Loneliness Obscenity Trial Transcripts


- Kitch, Tamsin. “The Times Book Club and The Well of Loneliness”. The Times. 2010.
Article describing the trial and Radclyffe’s relationship with The Times.

Article that was originally published after the court case in the UK concluded.

- People vs. Friede, 133 Misc 611, 233 NYS 565 (1929).
Ordered copies
This is a partical transcript of the US court case.

- “Sir Chartres Biron’s judgment in the prosecution re The Well of Loneliness, November 16, 1928”. Bow Street Police Court, 16 November 1928.

- Taylor, Leslie A.  “’I Made Up My Mind to Get It’: The American Trial of The Well of Loneliness, New York City, 1928-29." Journal of the History of Sexuality 10.2 (2001): 250-286.
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Noted: There are no records pertaining to Friede’s prosecution, including briefs, in the District Attorney’s Record of Cases at the Municipal Archives, City of New York. According to archivist Kenneth Cobb, the district attorney’s office kept records only of cases that came before the Court of General Sessions. Friede was tried before the Court of Special Sessions. Defense Brief for the Magistrate’s Court, City of New York, Seventh District—Borough of Manhattan: People of the State of New York v Donald Friede and Covici-Friede, Inc., 18, in Box 383, MEC. Unfortunately, the People’s briefs are not included among Ernst’s papers.

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