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Copyright Task List

Copyright Task List

For all of the materials I received or made photocopies of, they were all procured in the purpose of research. If Joshua decides he wants to use any of the materials, in order to receive official copies and obtain legal rights for publication, we proceed according to one of the following situations.

Situation #1: Wave owns copyright to all materials associated with author. In this case, nothing new needs to happen.

Situation #2: Wave owns copyright to the author's materials, but not the publication (interviews, collaboration, performances recorded by a source not related to Wave, etc.) In this case, I would find all the persons associated with the work and determine whether or not they own the rights. Then I would contact each stakeholder and describe our project and works desired to use. Beyond this, Joshua would take over in negotiating publication.

Situation #3: Wave does not have copyright to any of the materials. In this case, we would carefully narrow down materials and determine which are vital in order to limit amount of negotiations and use of previously published materials since the intention is always to create a unique product or contribute a new perspective to an ongoing conversation in the poetry world. We would then proceed in the same manner as the previous situation.

For all of my projects, I have not made it very far in the process and still have limited experience with copyright. Joshua discussed it in depth in order to expand my knowledge and will continue our conversation as these projects progress.

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