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Nathaniel Mackey Interviews Bibliography


Print Interviews

·      Cunningham, Brent. "An Interview with Nathaniel Mackey." Kenning 3 (1998).
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·      Foster, Edward. “An Interview with Nathiel Mackey.” Talisman: A Journal of Contemporary Poetry and Poetics 9 (Fall 1992): 48-61.
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·      Funkhouser, Chris. “An Interview with Nathaniel Mackey.” Callaloo 18, no. 2 (Spring 1995): 321-334. (Originally published as an edited conversation, given the title "Charting the Outside," in the November, 1991, issue of Poetry Flash)

·      Hadbawnik, David.  “Interview with Nathaniel Mackey.” Front Porch (14 September 2007).
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·      Heuving, Jeanne. "An Interview with Nathaniel Mackey." Contemporary Literature 53.2 (2012): 207-236.
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·      Naylor, Paul. “An Interview with Nathaniel Mackey.” Callaloo 23, no. 2. (2000): 645-663.
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·      O'Leary, Peter, Nathaniel Mackey, and Devin Johnston. "An Interview with Nathaniel Mackey." Chicago Review (1997): 30-46.
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·      Rosenthal, Sarah. “The Atmosphere is Alive: Nathaniel Mackey in Conversation.” The Academy of American Poets (2010).

·      Rowell, Charles H. “An Interview with Nathaniel Mackey.” Callaloo 23.2 (Spring 2000): 703–15.
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·      Southard, Connor. “Q&A with Nathaniel Mackey.” The Duke Chronicle (27 September 2011).

·      Teicher, Craig Morgan. “A Conversation with Nathaniel Mackey.” Publisher’s Weekly (22 November 2006). 

Video/Audio Interviews

·      Eady, Cornelius, Thomas Centolella, Nathaniel Mackey, and Craig Watson. [interviews]. Buffalo, N.Y: Poetry Collection, University at Buffalo, 2009. Sound recording.
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·      Mackey, Nathaniel. “Readings with Interviews.” SoundEye Cork International Poetry Festival (2005).
(From the documentary 'SoundEye' by Adam Wyeth and Keith Walsh. Nathaniel Mackey)

·      Nelson, Paul E.. “Nate Mackey Interviews.” (24 August 2012 & 11 March 2011).

·      Nielsen, A.L..“Interview with Nathaniel Mackey.” PennSound (18 July 1991)

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